Tuesday, January 30, 2018


So I was on Ellen's Game of Games. I taped in June and it just aired in mid-January. It was the best experience. Ellen is so kind and it was such an honor to be on. Everyone who works for her is absolutely the best. Wouldn't that be awesome to be surrounded by happy, positive, energetic people all the time? Sign me up! I played Dizzy Dash and Know or Go. I was proud of not humiliating myself. Not many people knew the answer to the question I got out on, so that made me feel much better.
Jackson is my little buddy. He always repeats that we are best friends. He literally is so easy and mostly goes with the flow. He's talking a lot more these days and he is easy to run errands with. I feel sooo lucky to be enjoying  him so much in this stage. He wants to be just like his big brothers in every way and they are good at including him.

Quinn is the best! She facetimes with us occasionally and she's soooo precious. We love her and hope to see her again soon!

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