Saturday, July 29, 2017

Great Grandpa and Austin

Cute pic from Ryan and Chloes baby shower! 

And a pic of the crew from Katie's shower in Nebraska. 

Jackson with Grandpa Bob and Kari

Loved celebrating Jackson's birthday in Poway. We'll get a pic with Grammy and Papa next visit, but here's a good one with Grandpa Bob and Kari.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Cast and the Fourth

Fourth of July was super fun. We went to Westlake Village in the morning and missed the parade but ended up walking to a festival at the park. It was very fun but the kids got their face painted so that was a win. Then we did Chick Fil A and later went to a friends house to swim and eat pizza. They have an oven outside and it's awesome. So delish. They kids even watched a movie from the pool via projector once it got dark. So much fun for everyone! 

Last week Austin fell at the park. He fell on top of his elbow and immediately I could tell this was a different fall. But I did all the normal tests (he could bend it, no bones sticking out, etc...) and I thought maybe he just bruised it. I talked to a nurse on the phone and she said wait it out a few days and see if things improve. by Monday he was much better, but not 100% so we took him in for an xray. Sure enough, fracture. So he got a massive splint and sling and then got a cool blue cast on Wednesday. I was elated to hear it'd only be on 10 days! Whoo hoo! They'll take it off this Friday and re-xray it to see if it's healed. He thinks it's kind of fun and he loves having people sign it! 

Austin has amazing pencil grip. He's a natural. And Jackson loves to have Parker read to him! Win Win. 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Beach Day

This morning we took the kids out to the beach. We went to a spot near Pete's work and it's never crowded. There's something so peaceful about the beach. And it's nice because the kids mostly just want to play in the sand. Towards the latter part, Austin and Parker will go chase the waves and get their feet wet, but we don't have to stress about ocean swimmers yet! Plus, the water is pretty cold so not that inviting.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cute kids

Parker loves his friends at school. It's easy for kids to bond over playground sports and he jumped right in. Adan (Parker helped him to discover he was good at soccer) and Colden who is a great athlete but it also prone to knocking kids over. He doesn't quite realize his own strength!

Mrs. Jaquez. Isn't she gorgeous? She's been so supportive of Parker and she's been a great teacher for him this second half of the year. I just got word yesterday that Austin's transfer into La Mariposa next year has been granted, so I'll have two Tigers next year. They are excited to be at the same school for the first time!

Austin likes to be home and is happiest playing independently. But he was invited to a birthday party for a girl in his class and he wanted to go. That being said, he was ready to leave after 15 minutes. haha. But he stayed and had a pretty good time. Cutie pie jumping!

The boys do all kinds of things on the trampoline. Jumping, soccer, forts, animal wrestling, etc..And now Jackson loves joining in. And now that we moved the tramp on the grass, I'm not as worried about Jackson using the ladder to get in and out.

Love lunch dates with my sweet buddy. He's actually a really picky eater and doesn't eat most of what we give him. His go-to's are: cereal, popsicles, strawberries and cream, oranges, and sometimes broccoli.

Jackson is really into holding hands lately. He likes to cuddle in the mornings and he'll hold my hand. He also holds my hand to lead me places. When I go to get him in the morning, he immediately demands to eat something. But if Pete gets him and brings him to me, he'll cuddle with me for a good 20 minutes. It's the sweetest part of my day. And then he resumes dumping out things and leaving a trail everywhere he goes! BAAAHHHH!!!!