Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Odds and ends

Love living driving distance from my family!

Parker's in a soccer academy and it's been a great experience. The coach approached me and recommended he try out for the competitive team. Love my little soccer player.

We love our house and driveway. The kids love riding bikes and doing laps! And occasionally they do it in costume.

And then there's the horse in sunglasses... no words!

Playing at the mall play area.

First lollipop

Cutie patoottie!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trampoline action

Jackson just started walking a week before he turned 18 months. Since then it's been about 2 weeks and he's now regularly kicking a soccer ball down the hallway, shooting baskets, and jumping on the trampoline. It was in him all along!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Christmas break!

We went to Legoland on Christmas Eve with the Dahlquists. It was so much fun, except many of us were sick. In fact I didn't make it to the dinner with the fam, because I went home to sleep. So sad to miss out. Parker went on a bigger roller coaster and Austin even tried a rollercoaster for the first time with Uncle Dan. They had so much fun together.

Christmas morning with the fam. Love them so much!

Star Wars masks were such a hit!

Should have gotten Melanie the Chewbacca mask! Next year!

My little candy cane!

Pop the Pig is an awesome game!

Headed to Camarillo. Finally!

Oh and we went to Disneyland one last time with my dad. It was less crowded than many of the other times we have been, so it was amazing. Loved the Jingle Cruise and the holiday Small World ride. So magical. Love that my dad was willing to go repeatedly with us this year. He loves it as much as we do!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Big ol' update

We moved to Camarillo. Cliff notes version... we found our house in October, moved our stuff in and Pete started working here. On weekends he came down to visit us in San Diego. The boys had great school situations in Poway, so we weren't in a big hurry to move. We were also waiting for a spot to open up at the neighborhood school (walking distance from our house), as opposed to being overflowed to a random school. Well after months of waiting, that never happened, so we decided Christmas break was the time to move. The boys weren't super pumped about leaving their classes and friends, but they were excited to live in the same place as their dad! We all were.

So after a very sick Christmas break (bronchitis and then a seperate stomach flu episode), we started schools on January 3. Parker has a great teacher named Mrs. Jaquez at La Mariposa elementary. It's an excellent school and the second closest school to us. It's worked out just fine so far, except for dismissal at 1:57pm, right in the middle of Jackson's naptime. But I've just adjusted his schedule to nap in the morning  a little later, and then I don't put him down until after I pick up Park. PArker has been such a trooper and while he is generally a happy and confident kid, this has really challenged his ability to stay positive when he is overwhelmed and discouraged. Our mantra every morning is "Today is going to be a great day." And I've told him I am telling myself the EXACT same thing right now.

Here's a piece of writing Parker did this week. His handwriting has improved so much.

I was feeling really discouraged about not having any friends up here, so I decided to stop throwing myself a pity party and do something about it. So I headed south to Westlake Village where I knew Brooke White lived (she was a guest on the podcast but we'd never met) and I texted her asking her to lunch. Her response was "let's do it!" and we had the best two hour lunch. She also has a large social media following, so she was nice enough to do an all call for friends for me in Camarillo. haha. I have had so many people reach out to me since then wanting to do park playdates. So nice. She's literally one of the nicest people. Such an answer to prayer. I heard a podcast about living in a "high vibration" so that you can live a happy life even before you get what you think you need. Sure enough as soon as I put on a happy face and approached my day like I had everything I need and grateful for what I have, I had several things happen that fulfilled those needs I was choosing not to focus on. So cool.

This boy is the best. He is 2 days away from being 18 months and this week he FINALLY started walking. HE loves performing for us and since he's been healthier, he has been so fun! He is so happy, loves to play with his brothers, and besides his pickiness with food, he's literally the best person ever! I'm so lucky to spend my days with him.

Austin also started preschool and he did far better than I could have hoped for. Moving from Virginia was so hard for him, but he's grown so much, and he is so kind and loving, he confidently joined this new class and has been having a great time.

There is so much more to our lives right now, but that's all for now.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Austin at preschool

I'm so thankful that Austin was able to start preschool here in SD while we are here. Mrs. Lowder and Miss Haskins have been so kind to Austin and really seem to "get him." He's a special boy who often needs a little extra care. He has gained so much confidence and has so many friends. There are some really sweet children in there that we will miss when we move. Ezra, Danny, and Blake are among his best friends.

Here he is reading a book he wrote to the class.

Ezra and him playing with the baby dolls. Such sweet boys!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Austin just finished his soccer season. He was so excited to go every week, really improved, and was a great team player. He was always cheering on his teammates. He says he got second place because the medal is silver and not gold (ha!), but he's still extremely proud of his first medal. Love this little jackrabbit!

Went to eat lunch with Parker at school. 9/10 parents brought McDonald's for their kids despite the email that said, "Please come eat a healthy lunch with your first grader." ha! I was one of the 9, but unfortunately no one else at our table brought in lunch, so it made one of the girls very sad. Can't win em all.

And this is how Jackson does church. Now that he's more vocal and on the go, he doesn't really like the restriction of the pew. So we sing songs about Jesus in the hallway.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Photo catchup

This is the start of trying to get caught up on posting...

Jackson... not walking... crawling like a maniac... stands on his own and then laughs and slowly lowers when we tell him to walk.

He sings A LOT! It's basically the best. He sings, "Goodbye Ella, goodbye ella..."

We took some shots with the kids in their new moccasins from Freshly Picked. So cute!

The littles love the mall play area.

Austin has loved soccer this season. It's been a great introduction, the coaches are so animated and fun, and he really feels empowered when he's out there. He looks forward to going every time, which I was quite surprised about, and next week is our last week. So glad we did this for him! He has been so sensitive lately and not wanting to be left anywhere or do anything if he doesn't know people, but this has been one area where he's been super brave.

Carving pumpkins with Ella. I cut the top off and they scooped out all the seeds and guts. Then I carved the face. It was the most painless carving session yet. It was great.

I took Parker to see the "Wizard of Oz" and it was his first theater experience. He loved it. It was a really well done production (my friend's daughter was in it) and with every scene change, Parker would close his eyes and say, "I want to be surprised." It was such a fun night out.

Pete and the boys helped Papa to dig some trenches for the sprinklers out back. I love that they are learning to work hard and fix things. They love helping and getting dirty!

We are so lucky to be living here while we aren't ready to move to Camarillo. We have a house there all set up for Pete to live in during the week, but without a first-grade spot open at the neighborhood school, we will just wait a little longer. The boys are so happy here and their school situation is so good, we aren't pushing to leave any sooner than we have to. But I am getting weary of being in limbo. To not have all my stuff in one place and not be able to plan ahead too far because we don't know where we will be... it gets old. But I'm grateful to have two great locations to go between in the meantime.